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Experts in High Performance Coaching

Matt Sutton & Sam Henden have more than 18 years of combined experience, in performance based nutrition, exercise & mindset coaching practices.

As a partnership they are dedicated to helping entrepreneurs & companies gain the edge on their competition by harnessing the power of mind, body & high performance strategies.

The Problem..

Most business owners & high flying executives know they work too many hours, neglect their kids and often  sacrifice their health too.  

Well it's the norm right? And because it's the norm it is accepted as "ok".  

What We Do..

CEO Fit is different. We don't accept this as the most effective approach to growing your business. 

Infact we coach business owners and companies how to GROW their business as a result of improved health, culture & relationships.

... and NOT in spite of these things.


Our clients are outstanded by the difference in their productivity and feeling of purpose by taking the time to work on themSELVES.
Our Book, "Becoming CEO Fit" Outlines How We Do This

The CEO "F.I.T" Formula


Building a profitable business is amazing. It gives you financial freedom. Freedom of time. And freedom of choice. However none of these freedoms guarantees the ultimate human need...FULFILLMENT. 

"Success without Fulfilment is Failure" - Tony Robbins


The success of any company is simply a reflection of the impact its creates in the world. We help business owners gain fulfillment by maximising this IMPACT. 


Our coaching programs teach business owners how to turbo-charge your creativity, focus & productivity without sacrificing your health, relationships & happiness. 

The CEO Fit Founders and Master Coaches

Matt Sutton

Matt went from being a sole-trader Personal Trainer working 70+ hours p/week, to creating multiple facility self-managing  business, that's helped thousands of people live a healthier more purposeful life. He also runs 5 Star Retreats in Portugal and spends most of his time with his wife & children, whilst also helping other business owners create more freedom, impact & purpose in their life. 

Sam Henden

Sam began in the fitness industry as a personal trainer with a passion to help people become the best version of themselves. This perspective quickly shifted after he realised training was only a small part of a much bigger picture. What followed was a deep dive into the business and coaching world. Starting a performance coaching business by focusing on a neuroscientific approach to coaching.
This includes helping people get unstuck and back on to their chosen path as quick and easily as possible.

What Our Clients Say;

"Since coaching with CEO Fit, I have lost 21Ibs, have finally got my eating under control and for the first time since university can fit into a pair of 32 inch jeans. I feel happier, more confident and would recommend, Becoming CEO Fit to anyone

Alex West, CEO of "Boost Your Body"

"Previously I was sceptical about coaching but very quickly discovered there were things I didn't know. Sam was able to show me how to achieve my goals, my outcomes & objectives. Since working with him I have lost 3.5 stone in weight & get fit and also lead a happier life. This has had a direct affect on my productivity & focus at work. I would highly CEO Fit coaching.

Paul Castle, CEO of "Professional Speak"

CEO Fit Coaching Programs:

We offer TWO coaching programs. (Individual & company-based)

1. Becoming CEO Fit 
(For the individuals/business owners/execs)
Becoming CEO Fit is a 12 week mind-management coaching program specifically designed to
help business owners/executives build their dream business by creating their dream life.  

2. The Workplace Wellness Challenge:

(For Organisations)

An In-house 6 week program designed to improve staff productivity, boost morale and reduce staff sickness.

Included in the program:

- A comprehensive welcome pack including our PERFECT10 Wellness Challenge

3 Live Coaching Workshops covering lifestyle, stress management, mindfulness & wellness culture & productivity

- Optional weekly in-house 30 minute fitness training sessions

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